Apakian? Guide

A guide to Kadayan WikiApakian? Glossary and Symbols

These abbreviation and Symbols are loosely similar to those written in Webster's New Dictionary and Thesaurus, 1995 style of writing. The list is as shown in the following:

a. Adjective
adv. Adverb
cp. Compare
conj. Conjuction part of speech, words, phrases etc.,
constrt. Construction
corrupt. Corruption, corrupted
dial. Dialect
dim. Diminutive
e.g. Example
esp. Especially
fr. From
gen. Generally
gram. Grammar
hist. History
i.e. That is
imit. Imitation
lit. Literally
myth. Mythology
n. Noun
obj. Objective
obs. Obsolete
orig. Origin (-ally)
prob. Probably
sl. Slang
sing. Singular
pl. plural
v. Verb
var. Variant, variation
v.aux. Auxiliary verb
v.i. Verb intransitive
v.s Vide supra see above

C. Chinese
E. English
I. Indonesia
Ij. Javanese
M. Malay
Mb. Brunei Malay
K. Kadazandusun
A. Arabic

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